Hebe Donna® Kamilla Pink

Potsize 13 cm

Hebe is an evergreen plant that will flower beautifully well into autumn. Hebe is also known as the shrubby veronica. Butterflies and bees adore Hebe because of its nectar-rich plumes.

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  • is available in many colours, sizes and styles
  • blooms well into autumn
  • can withstand cold conditions, up to -3 degrees Celsius
  • If you plant Hebe, you can count on attracting plenty of visiting bees and butterflies.

Hebe has a long flowering period, right up until the first frosts. Extend that wonderful summery feel until the last days of sunshine. Add a bright splash of colour to the patio in a beautiful pot or as a shrub gracing one of the borders in your garden. No matter your taste, classic or elegant, romantic or modern: there is always a Hebe for you! The huge diversity of varieties, sizes and colours make Hebe a magnificent addition to jazz up your garden.

Because I flower profusely, I like a lot of water. Remove my dead flowers so I can continue to flower in abundance until the first frosts. Put me in a pot on the patio or the garden table. I also thrive in a border in the open soil. I adore heat, so find me a spot in full sunshine.

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