Your Campanula Addenda®

We’re happy that you have purchased or are about to purchase a Campanula Addenda®! Campanula may well be the most rewarding plant there is; with a little splash of love you can enjoy it endlessly.

Where to place Campanula?

  • During my first flowering I, Ambella®, will thrive indoors, but put me outside afterwards (or immediately if you prefer). I will then continue to flower several times a year, for years to come.
  • I look great in a patio pot or in a bowl on the table
  • You can also use me as ground cover
  • Find me a spot in the half sun or half shade

How to care for Campanula?

  • Give me a splash of water twice a week
  • If you deadhead any wilted flowers, I will bloom for longer

Good to know

  • My flowering time is from March until the end of August
  • I will flower for 4-6 weeks
  • I flower several times a year. If you buy me in March, I will flower 3 times in a year!
  • I’m hardy, and in winter I will take a break to then flower beautifully again in spring
  • Butterflies and bees are my best friends. If you put me in the garden you are guaranteed to get visits from bees and butterflies.

Location: full sun

Water 2x a week

Flowers until the first frosts


Friend of bee and butterfly

Most frequently asked questions

How big will Addenda® plants grow?

Campanula: Campanula is known as a perfect ground cover and border plant. The longer Campanula grows in the garden, the wider it will get in size. Campanula plants will not grow taller but remain about the same height as the time of purchase (about 20 cm). Occasionally Adansa® has a tendency to climb up against an adjacent tree or fence.

How many Campanula plants can I plant per square metre?

Depending on the variety, you can plant 5-9 plants per square metre of garden area. Adansa® varieties are a little wilder in their shape and growth, so it is best to leave a little more space between plants for this variety.

When should I prune Addenda® plants?

You don’t need to prune Campanula, just carefully remove the wilted flowers from time to time, but don’t cut off the branches.

Will Campanula bloom several times a year?

Absolutely! Campanula will take a short break after a 6-8 week flowering period before growing new flowers. Remove any wilted flowers and encourage the plant to flower more quickly.

Can Campanula be placed indoors? 

In early spring (January until the end of March) when it is still very cold outside in Northern Europe, Campanula will happily brighten up your living room with its flowers. After flowering, plant the plants in the garden or in a nice pot on your terrace and you will enjoy them for years to come.

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