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Addenda®’s Campanula and Hebe plants deserve a place in the spotlight in your store. Addenda® is happy to help you on your way with eye-catching Point-of-Sale materials, an attractively curated mix of our wide assortment and fun downloads. Will you help?


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If you want to improve sales, make your Addenda® Campanula and Hebe plants stand out in your store and check out smart tips & tricks to boost your sales here.

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Addenda® plants are grown with love for people, animals and the environment. A selection of 15 progressive growers in the Netherlands and Belgium and 8 licensees in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom all grow high-quality plants.

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Sustainability is an ongoing process

At Addenda®, we are continuously working on our environmental impact, and striving to minimise it. We achieve this by developing sustainable resilient varieties, and thus minimising resources throughout the chain. We constantly aim to use more sustainable potting soil mixtures and optimal (re)use of materials.

About Sustainability

Want to set up an Addenda® shelf with stopping power? 

Check out these DIY Videos and do it yourself! Use these inspiration videos to create an attractive Campanula Ambella and Adansa shelf in your store in mere minutes.

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New and more sustainable labels in 2023 for Addenda®

The Campanula season is about to kick off, and you will find Addenda®'s beautifully flowering Campanulas in your favourite garden centre very soon. We will be launching Campanulas with a ...

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Addenda® launches business website

In January 2023, Addenda® is launching a consumer and business website: Addenda®.com. Addenda®'s business website is fully equipped to offer sales and marketing support to Addenda®'s business ...

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