Campanula Addenda®

Campanula flowers several times a year for several weeks and is hardy. Since the plant flowers repeatedly and for a long time, bees are guaranteed food from March through October. Campanulas are a good fit for any garden thanks to the many varieties and colours.

Enjoy a flowering garden and patio with Campanula Addenda®:

  • flowers 3-4 times a year for about 4-6 weeks, for many years
  • is hardy and will continue to reward you for years with its beautiful flowers
  • put your Campanula in the garden and the bees will follow!
  • is an evergreen plant, perfect for a year-round green garden

Campanula Addenda® is available in two varieties: Campanula Ambella® and Campanula Adansa®

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Enjoy a flowering patio

Campanula Ambella® is a classic plant with bell-shaped flowers. Ambella® is characterised by its spherical and compact flowers in four beautiful colours: Intense purple, Lavender, White and Pink.  Campanula Ambella® looks great in a large decorative patio pot or in a bowl on the table. This prolific bloomer also thrives in a border. You can keep Ambella® indoors for a while in early spring. After flowering, plant the plants in the garden and you will enjoy them for years to come!


  • Bell-shaped flowers and spherical growth
  • Fabulous on the patio
  • Flower for a long time and for years
  • Butterflies and bees are my best friends vlinders zijn mijn beste vrienden
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Enjoy a flowering garden

Campanula Adansa® is a lively whirlwind. Her star shaped flowers will lead you on a merry chase through your garden. Adansa® is a downward growing plant with tumbling tendrils. It is available in three beautiful colours: purple, white and pink. The white heart at the core of the flower is a distinctive feature of Adansa®. With its trailing habit, Adansa® is a perfect ground cover that thrives in borders. Adansa®’s true beauty will really shine if you place her in a hanging basket.

  • Star-shaped flowers and lush growth
  • Perfect as ground cover and gorgeous in hanging pots
  • Flower for a long time and for years
  • Butterflies and bees are my best friends
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Discover the differences between Ambella® and Adansa®

In the video, we show you exactly what the difference is between these two Campanula varieties.

Get involved and create a green garden with Campanula!

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