B&B for bees

Blooming Bee&B brings more life to your garden, patio or balcony. Blooming Bee&B is a combination of cheerful flowering plants and a hotel for bees! Blooming Bee&B is an insect hotel brimming with nectar and pollen from Campanula flowers. After a wonderful overnight stay at the hotel, the bees can enjoy a nectar-rich breakfast; Bed&Breakfast!

Blooming Bee&B is great for bees and looks beautiful on your patio table or on your fence. These cheerful bee-friendly Campanula plants will bring you instant joy. Enjoy a blooming garden and patio together with the bees!

Help the bees

Bees and other insects could really use your help: bee mortality is a massive problem worldwide, posing a major threat to our food chain. The most important cause is a lack of food. With your purchase of ‘Blooming Bee&B’, you are helping the bees get food!

Why are bees important?

Bees, butterflies and bumblebees play an invaluable role in our lives and in nature. 80% of the plants on earth depend on bees. Bees pollinate the plants and make sure they can reproduce. They are also essential to pollinate the plants we grow in our gardens and agricultural crops. Without bees, we wouldn’t be able to eat nuts, fruit, vegetables and chocolate, for example.

In recent years, more and more bee populations have disappeared due to increasing deforestation and use of hard surfaces. Growing urbanisation means more and more bricks and paving and less green in  our immediate surroundings.  In order to survive, bees are entirely dependent on food, such as nectar and pollen, produced by flowers. So why wait? Make your living environment as green as possible and order Blooming Bee&B !

Blooming Bee&B 100% sustainable & recyclable

Blooming Bee&B is delivered packaging-free. The plant box made of FSC-certified pine serves as the shipping box as well. The plants are organically packaged in pots made from 100% bamboo paper and packaging paper made from vegetable residual material. Blooming Bee&B offsets its already minimal footprint by planting bamboo in Uganda. What’s more, Blooming Bee&B is put together by employees of a participation company. In this way, we contribute to meaningful and sustainable daytime activities for people who can work here according to their individual ability.

How to care for Blooming Bee&B

Addenda® Campanula demands extremely little in return for this sea of flowers that will last all season long. Thanks to the smart watering system, you only need to keep the water reservoir topped up. After heavy rain showers or at high temperatures, it is best to check the water level in the Bee&B box. Otherwise, it’s all automatic. Campanula likes a semi-sunny spot and is hardy. If you remove any wilted flowers regularly, it will continue to bloom even longer. When the plants have finished flowering, don’t throw them out! If you plant Campanula in the open soil, it will show its flowers every year and provide food for the bees.

Just add love

  • Check the water level in the water reservoir once a week and keep it at the correct level
  • Put Blooming Bee&B in a semi-sunny spot
  • Regularly remove any wilted flowers
  • Once the Campanula has finished blooming, plant it in the garden!

About Blooming Bee&B

Blooms out of the Box & Addenda® collaborate to increase green happiness for people and nature. Inspiring and surprising you in a green way is our shared mission.

Blooms out of the Box – Smart packaging & pot

The smart and sustainable shipping packaging and box was invented by Blooms out of the Box:

‘The idea for Blooms out of the Box came to us when it occurred to us that it would be great if when you send flowers and plants, you can give a pot or vase with them at the same time. Or even better; that the shipping container can double as a pot or vase. This way, you don’t need to use extra raw materials, which are immediately thrown out. And everything has a dual function,’

explain Simon Speelman and Erna Ebbinge, the creators of the unique concept Blooms out of the Box.