Who we are

An association for growers

Growers’ association Addenda® was set up in 2007. A number of growers decided to join forces. looking to improve their results. As one of the very first growers’ associations in the Netherlands, Addenda® offers a huge range of Campanula and Hebe. The growers’ association currently has 15 members in the Netherlands and Belgium. Campanula and Hebe are also grown in France, Italy, Germany & the United Kingdom by 8 growers.

Addenda® brand

If a plant bears the Addenda® brand, you are assured of top quality. Each plant has its own brand and unique character, so you can specifically choose the one that suits you. In addition to outstanding quality, we guarantee you can benefit from an ever-expanding range. During product development, fulfilling the wishes of consumers is always central. We achieve this in combination with environmentally friendly cultivation methods.


Our values

Our values show what we stand for, what matters to us, how we operate and what sets us apart.



Since innovation is paramount at Addenda®, we continuously seek innovation and optimisation for our processes and products. We develop strong and beautiful new varieties. At Addenda®, we always inspire and surprise.



Addenda® is a growers’ association, a group of growers with many years of experience. We collaborate intensively with our customers, growers and partners, striving for the best, most sustainable assortment. so that together we can meet and exceed consumer expectations.



You can find our broad range in garden centres, at florists and online. We offer plenty of variety in type, colour and size. Our unique concepts are innovative and distinctive. We link product development to promotional and packaging materials. This is how we make the difference.

All Aware


Addenda®’s growers ensure sustainable cultivation with continuous attention for people, animals, bees and the environment. At Addenda®, sustainability is an ongoing process. Together, we can have more impact and contribute to biodiversity.

Addenda®’s mission

Bringing inspiration and greening to every garden, patio or balcony with flowering plants in Europe, and thus contributing to a green and healthier living environment for humans, animals, insects and nature. Garden happiness for all is our goal!

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