Grown with attention

Our growers grow more than 8,000,000 plants a year with great skill and passion. Addenda® grows high quality plants with a group of 15 progressive growers in the Netherlands and Belgium and 8 growers in the rest of Europe. With local production in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy, we shorten the chain. Products that are grown locally are less of a burden on the climate because this reduces transportation mileage.

The Addenda® product range consists of two products and several product groups:

Our Growers

Kwekerij Bergcamp

OK Plant

Kuivenhoven Poeldijk

Montis Plant

Van den Berg De Lier

Kwekerij Meerrust

Kwekerij Marcel Vijverberg

Endhoven Flowering Plants

Kwekerij Roest

Natuurlijk Hopmans


Boomkwekerij Out

About Plants

Erik Boterdaele (BE)

Van de Casserie (BE)