Get creative with the classic bellflower Campanula Ambella

Looking to decorate your patio or balcony with a classic stylish perennial planter? With Campanula Ambella® Intense Purple or Ambella® in any of the other colours, you can easily create a stunning classic arrangement for your table.

Brighten up your garden or balcony with playful Adansa in a variety of colours

Looking to enhance your patio or balcony with a playful perennial planter? With Campanula Adansa® in the colours white and purple, you can easily create a colourful and playful arrangement for your table.

Help the bees and create a set-up that bees and other insects will love!

An insect-friendly arrangement features lots of pollen and nectar-rich plants such as Campanula. You will be helping butterflies, bees and other useful insects! Fortunately, putting insect-friendly plants in the garden is lots of fun, as they have beautiful, colourful flowers!

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