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The hebe: an evergreen plant that blooms brilliantly well into the autumn

The Hebe may also be known to you as the Shrubveronica. Butterflies and bees love the Hebe, because of its nectar-rich flower spikes. Do you place Hebe in your garden? Then you can count on bees and butterfly visits. The Hebe continues to bloom for a long time, at least until the first frost. So you can fully enjoy the last wonderful days of summer. The Hebe is a colorful addition to the terrace, in a beautiful pot or as an ornamental piece in the border of your garden.  Translated with (free version)
Whether you like classic or elegant, romantic or modern, the Hebe can be combined in any garden style. Its many varieties, sizes and colors make it a versatile plant to freshen up the garden. Because of its many small flowers, the Hebe likes a lot of water and a place in direct sunlight. By removing the spent flowers it will continue to bloom profusely.

Hebe Donna®

Well-branched shrub with panicles of 5 to 7 cm

Hebe Mucha®

Well-branched shrub with many lilac flower panicles

Hebe Granda®

An authentic plant with large plumes of 10 cm

Hebe Classica®

Characterized by its variegated leaves with pink and blue panicles

Hebe Petita®

A compact and richly flowering structure for the smaller pot sizes

Hebe Vinoa®

Unique shiny leaves in a wine red color

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Bees and butterflies love me!

The Hebe:

  • flowers long, at least until the first frost
  • drinks a lot of water
  • comes in 6 different variants
  • does well in a spot in full sunlight
  • can be placed in a pot or in the ground