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The Campanula: a colorful plant that continues to bloom 

The flowers have the shape of a bell, hence the name Campanula (‘clock’ in Latin) or bellflower in English. The special thing about this perennial is that it blooms several times a year and then also for quite a while: about 4 to 6 weeks. Campanula just starts blooming again three times a year. Campanula goes to sleep during winter, but after that the flowers return at full strength.
Campanula asks very little in return for this sea of flowers that lasts for seasons. A semi-sunny spot, water twice a week and a little plant food once a month are enough. Only water every day when it is really hot. If you remove the spent flowers, the plant will bloom for an extra long time.

Campanula Ambella

bell-shaped flowers * classic * ideal in a pot on the terrace

Campanula Adansa

star-shaped flowers * lively * perfect for beds and borders

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Strong and stylish

The campanula:
  • flowers for a long period and several times a year
  • only needs watering twice a week
  • available in white, pink, lavender and purple
  • does well in a spot half in the sun
  • an be placed both inside and outside
  • is hardy
  • Bees are my best friends

Discover the differences between Adansa & Ambella