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Thank you for participating in our giveaway!

Give-away Blooming Bee

Blooming Bee&B is an insect hotel full of nectar and pollen from the campanula flowers that the bees love. After a wonderful overnight stay at the hotel, the bees can enjoy a nectar-rich breakfast; Bed&Breakfast!
Bee hotel

Be(e) King or Queen & WIN a blooming bee hotel!

How to participate? Post a nice picture as a queen bee and have a chance to win a ‘Blooming Bee&B’!

Step 1: Take a seat on the bee throne of BEE CITY
Step 2: Smile like a real king or queen!
Step 3: Post the photo on Instagram or Facebook with hashtag #ADDENDAFLORIADE2022

Every month we raffle 4 Blooming Bee&B’s among the entries.


Below you will find the promotion conditions and game rules that apply to the Addenda giveaway at the Floriade. Please read this carefully before entering the giveaway.

  1. Participation in the giveaway is free.
  2. Each participant can participate in a giveaway once.
  3. You will only have a chance to win the Blooming Bee&b when the photo was taken at the Floriade, and the Hashtag #Addendafloriade2022 is used.
  4. The photo must be placed on one of the following channels : Instagram or Facebook
  5. The promotion runs from April 14, 2022 to October 9, 2022.
  6. Blooming Bee&bs will be raffled each month.
  7. The Blooming Bee&bs prizes will be sent out once a month.
  8. The winner will be drawn randomly and in an impartial manner.
  9. Winners will be informed every Friday.

A garden filled with bees & butterflies! 

Create your own BEE CITY in your garden or on your terrace

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