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Addenda® plants:

 a green paradise for insects

Bees, we can’t live without them. 80% of the plants on earth depend on these flying insects. Bees pollinate plants and allow them to reproduce. In addition, bees are necessary for pollinating our garden and agricultural crops. For example, without bees we would not be able to eat nuts, fruits, vegetables and chocolate. Unfortunately, large numbers of bees are dying worldwide and this has a major impact on our food chain. It starts with food for the bee: flowering plants. You can see it as a virtuous circle: a healthy plant = food for the bees, healthy bees = food for humans. That is why Addenda is committed to healthy plants that are safe for animals and the environment. Addenda’s growers strive to grow the best and most beautiful types of plants. But this entire process is not just about the plant production of plants – they also care for people, animals and the environment.
The plants are grown as sustainably as possible. For example, by reusing plastic and using biodegradable labels. Pesticides are also used during cultivation. This prevents the plants from suffering from diseases and pests. The crop protection products that our growers use are exclusively approved by the CTGB (College for the authorization of plant protection products and biocides). The CTGB assesses whether plant protection products are safe for humans, animals and the environment and whether they are effective. Based on international agreements, they determine whether a substance may be used.

How can you Be(e) more friendly?

Do you want to be more comitted to helping the bees, as well as butterflies and other insects? Scroll down and see what you can do

A garden full of flowering plants

Choose plants in your garden or on your patio that bloom for a long time. Addenda’s Hebe are sure to provide bees with food until the first frost. Hebe contains more nectar than most other flowering plants. With Hebe, you help the bees find food and your garden will bloom for a longer period: win-win!


Biodiversity – Tiles out, plants in

Biodiversity – Tiles out, plants in We see it a lot these days: modern gardens with a lots of stone and little greenery. But it is precisely that green, the different types of plants, animals, micro-organisms and fungi, that are so important for humans, animals and the environment. Private gardens are the main food source for bees and other insects. Bees find their food on the plants in your garden. Lots of greenery increases the quality of our lives and that of our surroundings, and also looks great in your garden. Fill your garden or balcony with different, nectar-rich plants (Hebe is one of them 😉) and install insect hotels, for example.


Blooming Bee&B

To inspire and surprise people in a green way, we have developed a blooming bee hotel in collaboration with Blooms out of the box . The Blooming Bee&B is a Bed & Breakfast for bees: a place to sleep and find food, all in one. The Blooming Bee&B contributes to the biodiversity in your garden.

A garden full of butterflies and bees!

Create your own BEE CITY in your garden or on your terrace

shop Blooming Bee&B and Hebe plants in our webshop

Do it yourself

An insect-friendly package is full of pollen- and nectar-rich plants, watch the video and Do it yourself!

Will you not be attending Floriade, but still want to pay a visit?

Floriade Expo 2022 will take place from 14 April 2022 to 9 October in Almere, which is centrally located in the Netherlands. For tickets and more information visit You can find Addenda® in the experience greenhouse!